Installing Drake (via Docker)

Optional Note: MIT Athena Cluster Machines

Athena cluster machines are not officially supported by the course staff, as the type of software this course requires is not compatible with the Athena environment, and because software installations do not persist between login sessions in Athena environments. However, we've figured out ways to hack it into working. In short, they are:

  1. Install Docker from its website, following the Linux directions above. Install as sudo, and don't worry about configuring usergroup permissions. Don't log out or reboot.
  2. Run sudo cgroups-mount.
  3. Run sudo dockerd --data-root /tmp/docker_data --exec-root /tmp/docker_exec
    This tells Docker to put its large image file downloads in /tmp, which I found to be larger than the other filesystems Athena gives users when they log in.
  4. In a new terminal, proceed with the After Docker Installation instructions.
  5. Be aware that if you log out of your session, all of this progress will be undone (save for whatever files you save in your user directory.)

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